Found my first small hive beetles today.

Today I was adding a second medium super to each of my two langstroth hives in my Ada Apiary. I had checked these hives over the weekend expecting to have to feed them as they had not been drawing out the second box on the hives for a couple of weeks. I was delighted to find that each had fully drawn comb and honey about to be capped.



When I took the outer cover off the first hive, I noticed a small dark beetle. I was able to catch it and noticed right away it was one of the nasty small hive beetles. I had hoped to avoid them this season. I only saw one, and the hive was totally full of bees so I think they are doing a good job of keeping the beetles cornered. The second hive also had a small hive beetle hiding under the outer cover. This hive had a much larger population of bees and I believe they too are doing a good job of keeping the beetle level down.

The hives are in the shade most of the time. It has been recommended that hives be placed in full sun to keep the beetles from reproducing in the damp ground. The area that my hives are sitting has ground that is wet in the spring, and fairly dry during the summer. Currently the ground is dry and cracked. I hope this keeps keeps the beetles from reproducing easily at this time.

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