My Ada Apiary was Busy Today. Marking Queen and the Bee Inspector.

Went to visit Ada again to mark my queens in the three top bar hives. Arrived around 6:00PM and started on the small top bar hive. Did not find the queen at all, but I did find eggs. Started on the split that I had made and found the queen fairly quickly. The hive had been building up well, she had a great brood pattern, and she was nice and fat. She was fairly easy to catch and mark. By this time it was almost 7:30PM and the heat was getting to me. It was about 92*F today. I got everything put back together and went home.

Not long after I got home, I received a text message from my dad. Apparently the County Bee Inspector had been out earlier that day to check my apiary. Not sure if they found it or not, as the landowner had never really seen the location of the hives. However, I am sure I will receive a letter stating if the apiary was found and how the colonies looked. My guess is that the inspector either did not find the apiary or did not inspect the top bar hives and only did the langstroth hives as the top bar hives still had all the bars stuck tight with propolis.

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One Response to My Ada Apiary was Busy Today. Marking Queen and the Bee Inspector.

  1. Mr. Hubbell says:

    The inspector did not find the hives. He was looking on the wrong side of the woods. I also believe he was expecting them to be sitting along the edge of the woods and not back 10 or so feet into the woods.

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