Findlay, Ohio 60+mph winds and Beehives.

Update July 12, 2011.

Talked with the property owner today. Found out that there was also a raccoon messing with the hive that was knocked off its’ bottom board. Will have to see about raising the hive stands up higher.

Got home around 7:30PM today and made dinner. At some point we had missed a phone call and the caller left a message. It was from the owner of the property that I have my Findlay, Ohio apiary located. I found this message at 10:30PM. It stated that my hives had been blown over in the storm we had today and that the bees are very pissed off.

Not sure what to expect, I headed out to see what things looked like. Only takes about 5 minutes to get to the apiary. I was expecting the worst. These hives already survived one 50mph storm in April. A hail storm with almost baseball sized hail and 45mph plus winds with only dented hive outer covers. The headlights on my car finally brought into light what turned out to be not so bad.

I had just installed a queen into the hive that was moved about. She had been installed on 7-9-2011 and I planned on checking her on 7-12-2011. The hive had been blown off the screened bottom board, turns about 45 degrees, and fell back onto the bottom board (this assumes the landowner had not tried to put them back together quick). The top was till on, the two medium hive bodies were still attached to one another (got to love burr comb and propolis for keeping things together). I carefully picked up the hive and returned it to the correct position, hoping I did not kill the queen I had just installed and possibly had already been released.  I did hear a few crunches, all the while wishing I had not. Rain is still in the forecast and I did not want to take the chance this hive would blow over not being seated on the bottom board correctly. Overall, I was lucky. The hive was not toppled over and the bees seemed to be doing okay.

I was very happy to see my other langstroth hive intact. I had feared it had blown over. On 7-9-2011 it comprised of 2 deep brood boxes, of which the top brood box had 5 full frames of capped honey. The other 5 frames had brood, pollen, and honey.

I will be giving the property owner a call tomorrow. I had a beetle trap/varroa mite tray stored under the lid on my top bar hive. I had removed it the day before to give that double deep hive more ventilation since we are having 90*F daytime temperatures.


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