Findlay packaged bee update, Queens released. 4-20-2013.

Although it was in the mid 40’s today, I felt I needed to make sure the queens in each give were released.

I was able to check each of the 2 hives and confirm that each queen was released. I saw the marked queen, but not the unmarked queen. Thus was ok as I wad just there to check on the release of the queens. I replaced the frames that had been removed too allow room for the queen cages.

All appeared good. Will be adding hopguard soon to all hives. May wait until sealed brood its in the hives starred from packages.

The two hives that overwintered should have the first hatch of brood.

Temps have been low the least two days. I hope the were enough bees to keep the brood warn. Freezing and snow was not something I wanted to see this morning.

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