Severe Storm 6-29-2012

On Friday 6-29-2012, a severe thunderstorm ripped through Findlay, Ohio. Power may trees and power lines went down and most of Findlay lost power. As of today 7-4-2012, I am sitting in a 90 degree F room with a generator running to post this. Our power is not scheduled to be back online until July, 7.  So far the generator is costing about $35 a day to run keeping the refrigerator running, a tv, a small a/c unit, and powering my laptop and internet service.

My wife had children have moved into another home that has power. I am more or less holding down the fort.

Power was restored to several homes within 100 yards of my home. However, due to the manner in which the power lines have been damaged, my home and most of my street are still without power. Trees are being cleaned up, and most have been removed from the main street beside our home. Our street still has trees limes and trunks sitting in the grassed areas along the road. I do not expect any work to be done on the power until these trees have been removed.

Everyone here is ok, we lost a couple of fish when the power was out and before we could borrow a generator. I expected to have several beehives in the area blown over, but I was very happy to see each and everyone standing and the bees doing what bees do.

Power was fully restored on 7-6-2012 at about 2:30PM. Some areas of Findlay are still without power.

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