Findlay Ohio Apiary Inspection:

The swarm is doing well. The 10 frame medium is just about full of brood and stores. I have a second box on them that is a deep (all I had at the time) and they are just starting to work on it. If I do no see any progress later in the week, I am going to swap the deep out for a medium and start feeding. It has been above 87 degrees and very dry the last 3 weeks. The wild flowers in the field directly behind the hive is blooming, but the dry ground as not been helpful in nectar production.

One hive has been struggling since it was installed as a 2lb package. They superceded the queen right after she started laying. She was not marked, but the current queen is much lighter in color and not laying the best at this time. This is partially due to be bees refusing to build any more comb. I am feeding, but they just fill up what they have and refuse to draw out any additional combs. Today I added a frame of open and emerging brood with nurse bees in hopes that this frame will boost the hive and give the queen a new place to lay.

The oldest hives from 2lb packages are doing ok. One hive is 1 deep and 1 medium and they are slowly building up. The other hive is 1 deep and 2 mediums. Still overall slow to build up, but these hives are bringing in their own resources and do not seem interested in sugar water feedings.

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