First Mail Ordered Packages Arrive!

Earlier in the month of April I ordered 2-2lb packages of bees from Gardner Apiary. The expected ship date was April 25, 2012. The bees did ship on that date and arrived on April 28, 2012.

I did expect a phone call from the post office. However, I did not get a call from the post office. Instead, I found the Postal Carrier waiting at the front door. He was waiting as I had our dogs out to do their business and they were in is way. I brought them inside, and went back out to meet him. I was carrying my packaged bees. He told me that he had delivered many different things before, but never bees. They arrived around 9:35AM.

The bees did arrive in good condition. It is a bit chilly today, 40°F and was a bit cooler when the bees arrived. I placed them in my garage and gave them a light misting of sugar syrup.

As of 2:45PM, the bees have been moved to my basement and have been giving another light misting of sugar syrup.

What is interesting is that there is a smaller cluster on the opposite end of the box than the rest of the bees. I do not know if they got separated when the temperature dropped,or they are clustered around a queen that had been mistakenly shook into the package. I am crossing my fingers it is a queen as I can split one of my hives and have a queen available right away.

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