4-18-2012 Ada Apiary

Checked on my Ada Apiary today.

Found that it was indeed a raccoon that had damaged and killed my 3 top bar hives.

I checked to make sure the queen was released from her cage in the packaged I had installed. She had been released and I found 6 queen cups with eggs. Not sure if the bees created these to replace the package queen or if they had built them due to the queen being caged and not having any eggs or brood for the time she was caged up. If all goes well, I plan on using 2 of the cells to start another 5 frame nuc. However, the bees may not raise all the cells or they may tear them down. Frames with the cells were marked so I could find them easier.

The 5 frame nuc I made out of the hive that had become honey bound early this season has now expanded out with enough bees to cover all 5 frames. The 2011 queen is laying well. I am debating on moving them to a larger hive or moving 4 frames to another nuc and allowing them to raise their own queen or using a cell that the packaged bees have starter. The current queen would then be allowed to repopulate the nuc she that she is currently in.

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