I Released the Queen from Her Cage in Findlay, Ohio Today.

Checked to see if the bees had released their queen in my Findlay Apiary today. Bees were hived on 4-11-2012 and I wanted to make sure the queen was released today, 4-15-2012.

I opened up the hive and found a good amount of burr comb, and a large cluster of bees over the queen cage. I could tell the queen was still in the cage and that the bees apparently had decided that they wanted her in that cage. They had placed a nice fresh comb over the bottom of the cage, and also a nice amount of comb in the open candy end of the cage. They basically sealed her right back into the cage. From the looks of the candy in the cage, they were just about ready to release her when for some reason they sealed her right back up.

Seeing this situation, it was time to release the queen myself. I held the cage a few inches above the frames and pried off the screen. I had hoped to lower the cage quickly to allow her to crawl into the hive. Instead, as soon as the screen was opened enough for a bee to get out, the attendants and the queen flew off.

I remained in the same spot for about 15 minutes in hopes the queen would return. I did not see her return, but hoped that she had. I closed everything up and went home. What I am really hoping is that the queen flew off onto the corner of the hive and crawled down between the frames. I will know in a week.

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One Response to I Released the Queen from Her Cage in Findlay, Ohio Today.

  1. FindlayBee says:

    The queen indeed did fly away and did not return. I was able to check the hive today and the bees were not in the best of moods as I checked for eggs and larvae. I did not find any signs of a queen which was not what I wanted to see.

    If I am lucky, I will have a queen tomorrow night. I hope it is not too late for this colony.

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