4-13-2012 Packages Installed.

Today I installed two packages of bees. One package in Arlington, Ohio, and one in Ada, Ohio.

Tips on Packaged Bees:

  • Packaged bees come with a can of sugar syrup. Do not rely on the can as a source of food for the bees. Make sure you mist the bees with a light sugar syrup a couple times a day until they are hived. Otherwise, they may starve before you can get them into a hive. I received three packages of bees this year and I hived one package on the day I received them (4-11-2012) and they did not have any sugar syrup left in the can. The other two packages were hived on 4-13-2012, both had no sugar syrup left.
  • If you happen to get stung while installing your packaged bees, do not drop the package. You will find many more angry bees.
  • After getting your packages bees installed, make sure you feed your bees until they no longer take any more feed.
  • Use an entrance reducer to help the newly hived bees to defend their new home. A smaller opening is easier to defend against robbers or other threats.



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