Small Harvest from Ada Apiary.


Went to my Ada apiary with my dad today. Leveled the small top bar hive that was slowly tilting sideways on the blocks it was sitting on. Also, harvested a bit of honey. Got about 12 lbs of honey and comb to crush and strain. Did loose half a comb when it broke loose and dropped over the side of my bucket.

Found one small hive beetle in each of my 2 langstroth hives. Put a beetle blaster beetle trap into each hive. Hopefully this will catch a few of these nasty little pests.

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2 Responses to Small Harvest from Ada Apiary.

  1. Mr. Hubbell says:

    The beetle traps do work. This updated should have been done last fall. I found 20-24 beetles in each trap. The traps are designed to be throw away once they are full of beetles. 2024 beetles by no means fills up the trap. I have talked to a few other beekeepers that wash the traps out under fast running water. Not all of the dead beetles can be removed, but it does clear up the trap for reuse.

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