First Honey 2011

Well, after loosing 2 colonies of bees that had been started from packages this spring, the 3rd hive was able to produce a small surplus of honey. I was able to remove 6 medium frames of capped honey. Prior to this, they had 9 frames of capped honey, but I allowed the frames to remain on the hive as there was a shortage of nectar for a short time. The frames I did leave in the hive are partially capped at this point and are still on the harvest list if they get capped. The field of wildflowers is currently blooming with lots of honey bee activity on the yellow flowers (look up correct identification for later).

I added a small hive beetle trap to the hive. I did see one beetle running and smashed it.

Out of the 6 frames harvested, I currently have 4 quart jars of honey with the possibility of 6 as I am still straining the last frame. I also have two slices of cut comb from the best frame. I used crush and strain as I do not have a honey extractor at this point. I can see why an extractor is a good investment as the extractor can remove honey much faster than the drip method. Plus, comb can be reused with an extractor.

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