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My Ada Apiary was Busy Today. Marking Queen and the Bee Inspector.

Went to visit Ada again to mark my queens in the three top bar hives. Arrived around 6:00PM and started on the small top bar hive. Did not find the queen at all, but I did find eggs. Started on … Continue reading

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Ada Apiary Check on Top Bar Hive.

My top bar hive that was started from a swarm last year had either become queenless or had swarmed. I only found one emergency queen cell in the hive during my last inspection. I added a small comb of eggs … Continue reading

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Marked My First Queen Bee Today!

Today I marked my first queen honey bee. Yesterday, my daughter and I practiced on a drone at our dinner table. The test went well and I was ready to mark a Queen Bee. The Queen Bee I was going … Continue reading

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Findlay, Ohio 60+mph winds and Beehives.

Update July 12, 2011. Talked with the property owner today. Found out that there was also a raccoon messing with the hive that was knocked off its’ bottom board. Will have to see about raising the hive stands up higher. … Continue reading

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